Air Source Heat Pumps.

Deciding on the Pros and Cons of an Air Source Heat Pump can be confusing but at Fixx, we’re here to guide you through the in’s and out’s of it all and help you make the right decision for you and your family.

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A large portion of your heat pump installation could be covered by grants of up to £7,500

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Transform how you heat your home with an air source heat pump. As a renewable and cost-effective source of heat energy, a heat pump is a great alternative to gas boilers and an investment that will pay for itself over time.

Not only will you save on your heating bills, you’ll also drastically reduce your carbon footprint, so it’s win for your pocket and the environment.

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Heat pumps can be expensive and we understand that the initial cost may put some people off. Thankfully, there are free funding grants available that could provide you with up to £7,500 towards the cost of your heat pump installation.

With a government grants available under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme until 2028, a large percentage of your heat pump installation could be covered already. With a subsidised heat pump installation, you’ll get payback on your investment much sooner through the bill savings you’ll be enjoying.

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If you already have a heat pump and you are looking for a one off repair or are in need of a service, take a look at our options below!

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What is an air source heat pump?

What is an air source heat pump? In simple terms, an air source heat pumps extracts cool air from a source outside your property before converting it to warmer air to heat your home, so it converts energy to heat rather than generating it itself. As this is already existing energy, unlike systems that burn fuel or convert electricity to heat, it makes an air source heat pump a highly economical and efficient option for you and your family.

Air from outside your property is extracted and pumped over a grid of tubes that contain a refrigerant. This air heats up the refrigerant and converts the liquid within it to a gas.

From here the gas is passed through a compressor in order to increase the pressure, which in turn increases the heat generated.

Next, this gas is carried along to a heat exchanger, encompassed by cool air or water, allowing this air and water to heat up before being circulated around your home for you and your family to use.

Air source heat pumps work most effectively when there is less of a temperature difference between the outside and inside. For this reason, homes with underfloor heating or large radiators will heat your home more efficiently and. This larger surface area allow you to achieve the required heat in your home without the temperature having to be as high.

These clever systems provide more heat energy than the electrical energy required to operate them, and as such will typically cost you less than more traditional heating systems. On average the cost to install an air source heat pump can start from £3,000.