Boiler Service Checklist

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A boiler should be booked in for an annual service to ensure it is operating to maximum capacity. Booking your boiler in for a service once a year will make sure it is operating safely, efficiently and validate the warranty on the boiler avoiding those unwanted repair bills. What is involved in a boiler service checklist? 

During a boiler service, a gas safe engineer will thoroughly check the components of your boiler and identify any issues before they become problems. In this article, we explain what happens during a boiler service with our boiler service checklist.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

We recommend booking your boiler in for a service once a year to ensure your boiler is working safely and effectively. An annual boiler service is often required by the manufacturer of the boiler to keep the warranty valid. As an approved installer our boiler warranties run for up to 10 years.

During a boiler service, a gas safe engineer will carry out several checks and tests on your boiler to ensure it is operating safely, effectively and efficiently: without any issues. A boiler service will help to reduce the risk of boiler breakdown and help lengthen its lifespan.

Here’s our boiler service checklist, outlining what our gas engineers look for during a typical boiler service checklist.

Boiler Service Checklist

Here at fixx, our qualified and experienced gas safe engineers have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with a thorough boiler service. Our gas engineers will carry out checks and tests to ensure your boiler is functioning safely and efficiently. Here’s what’s included during a boiler service checklist:

  • Check the boiler controls to ensure they are working correctly
  • Check the gas usage is efficient
  • Check the internal main components for defects
  • Check the flue and combustion readings
  • Check the safety devices
  • Check the water and gas pipework
  • Check the electrical connections
  • Check case seals to ensure they are intact and safe

Please note this is what is included in a “typical” boiler service checklist.

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Do you need a boiler service? Book your boiler service in with Fixx. We will book your boiler service in for a date and time that suits you minimising disruption to your day. Our qualified and experienced heating engineers will service your boiler and explain if any work is needed. 

All our heating engineers are on the Gas Safe Register so, you can have peace of mind that all boiler services, repairs and boiler installations are completed safely and efficiently to the highest standard. To book your boiler in for a service call us on 0330 3530 365 or contact us online.