Emergency Building Maintenance.

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Emergency Building Maintenance.

What does emergency maintenance mean? When normal procedures are interrupted due to breakdown, malfunction or external causes imposing damage or disrepair, immediate measures should be taken to prevent that state worsening and impacting an organization’s productivity or ability to function and essentially ensure the safety and wellbeing of all property users.

Emergency Maintenance Meaning

The effect of emergency situations is often damage to building fabric, malfunction of facilities equipment and the potential to cause harm to the property users.  Hence, there is a need for every organisation to have an emergency maintenance management practice in place to prevent the evolution of minor emergencies into major emergencies.

Also known as reactive maintenance, emergency maintenance involves the coordination and repair following breakdown or malfunction regardless of the cause. An emergency maintenance team is charged with the responsibility of mitigating any risk and ensuring the property or equipment is put back to its former use, working efficiently and effectively.

The role of an emergency maintenance team includes:

  1. Development of a functional emergency maintenance program which the organisation utilises following damage, failure or breakdown of any aspect of the building fabric or the equipment within. This will include the generation of relevant risk assessments and schedules of work as required.
  2. Locating and performing diagnostics on the various impacts of the failure, breakdown or malfunction. Conducting this ensures the correct repair is undertaken and if necessary, preventative action is taken to ensure the failure, breakdown or malfunction does not occur again.
  3. Above all, the emergency maintenance team is to ensure the protection and preservation of the safety of the property users. The emergency maintenance team ensure that property users are kept safe from the failure, breakdown or malfunction. This could include safety barriers through to property evacuations depending on the severity of the issue.


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Benefits of having an outsourced maintenance team

Often when emergency maintenance is required, the finances of a building or portfolio may be negatively affected due to vital systems being faulty, property access being restricted or engineers requiring priority access. Additionally, undertaking emergency maintenance outside of a building maintenance contract can be difficult and expensive. Building owners or managers are advised to consider having an emergency maintenance contract in place with a local building maintenance company such as fixx dispel these issues. Other reasons for employing an emergency management team such as fixx include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Dedicated Service Schedule
  • Presence of Expert Technicians
  • 24 Hour Response
  • Instafixx services (coming soon!) 


Cost Savings – Many organisations contact emergency maintenance companies in alarm to deliver essential repairs following failure, breakdown and malfunction. The cost of this can be significant. Having a contract in place is often easier and more economic to manage emergency situations. Building maintenance companies like fixx have access to a team of engineers who are on call to deliver the relevant emergency maintenance. This is often incorporated into a outsourced building maintenance contract.

Dedicated Service Schedule – A dedicated building maintenance company presents a landlord or managing agent with an opportunity to undertake a fully outsourced planned, preventative maintenance programme. This allows for maintenance to take place in a bid to prevent unnecessary and unforeseeable breakdowns occurring. This has the benefit of catching faults that can turn to serious emergencies and deliver signification cost savings for the client.

Presence of Expert Technicians – The presence of engineers with relevant skills and rigorous training is definitive reason of why it is important to have a contract in place with an expert in building maintenance. Fixx ensures our engineers undergo relevant training and updates to accreditations as well as ensure we are always carrying the correct tools and equipment to test, calibrate and repair any equipment.

The 24-Hour Response – It is often difficult to obtain a quick response and delivery of service from emergency companies outside of contract. There are often various contracts and credit checks that need to be completed and signed ahead of undertaking any works. As well as site risk assessments. A maintenance company with an maintenance contract in place will ensure all documents checks and risk assessments are undertaken in advance to prevent delays of engineers attending on site.

Reliability – Building Maintenance companies can often offer a more reliable service.

One Point of Contact – Building Maintenance companies offer in most cases a single point contact per client.

Financial Sense – Building Maintenance companies often have pre-planned agreements regarding costs for various scenarios to ensure there is no shock in regard to finance.

Examples of Emergency Maintenance Works

  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Air Conditioning breakdown
  • Plumbing and Water Leaks
  • Lighting Failure
  • Electrical malfunction
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Malfunction of equipment
  • Lift breakdowns
  • Generator breakdowns
  • Escape of water 
  • Gas leaks
  • Fire accidents