How often should Landlords have an EICR

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How often should landlords have an EICR? 

An EICR is an Electrical Inspection Condition Report which is produced following an assessment of electrical systems within rented properties. Landlords have a duty of care for their tenants and must ensure that their properties are safe to live in. The electrical inspection condition report (EICR) can help landlords fulfil their duty of care and legal obligations because it checks the electrical systems within the property are in good condition. In this article, we explain how often should landlords have an EICR?

So, how often should Landlords have an EICR

Landlords of rented properties must maintain an up-to-date EICR under the ‘Landlord and Tenants Act (1985). 

The landlord must ensure the electrical systems in their rented property are maintained throughout the tenancy, but just how often should landlords have EICR? It is recommended that a landlord should have an EICR carried out at the change of the tenancy after the tenant leaves and before the new one arrives. This gives the landlord and the new tenant peace of mind the wiring hasn’t deteriorated or been damaged during the previous tenancy. 

The report is crucial should any electrical accidents or incidents occur because it provides documented proof the electrics were inspected at the beginning of the tenancy. However, if there is no change of tenancy an EICR is recommended every 5 years.

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EICR Testing for Landlords

Fixx are a provider of electrical services for landlords offering EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report) testing for landlords. We carry out inspections of electrical installations in rented properties to comply with the legal duties’ landlords face ensuring the electrical infrastructure of rented properties are safe for tenants.

We are an NICEIC approved electrical contractor with a team of high qualified, skilled and experienced electricians who are on the 18th edition wiring regulations compliant and are able to complete EICR on rented properties. If you are a landlord and would like to arrange for an EICR to be carried out on your rented property, please call us on 0330 0350 365 or simply fill in our contact form.