Replacing Your Gas Boiler with a Heat Pump

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Is it possible to replace a boiler system with a heat pump? In many circumstances it is absolutely possible to replace your gas boiler with a heat pump.  For many people replacing your gas boiler with a heat pump is an effective and efficient way of reducing your carbon footprint. 

So, what exactly is a heat pump and what are the available options?  There are two types of heat pumps available, an air source heat pump and a ground source heat pump. Both offer sustainable and economical heating for your home, but your Fixx engineer will be able to discuss the best option for you and your home.

Air Source heat Pumps

As the name would suggest, these extract the cold air from outside via a fan and sends this directly to an evaporator. From here the air is drawn into a closed unit containing a refrigerant that can transform into gas at low temperatures. Next, once that gas has reached a certain temperature via a compressor, it is transferred to a condenser within your home’s heating system, supplying you and your family with heat.

One of the greatest benefits of the air source heat pump is that your heating system can easily be regulated using an inverter driven heat pump compressor. In simple terms, this means your heat pump will only absorb the energy required and as such is highly cost effective and fuel-efficient. During the summer months, this heating system can be reversed to provide you with the benefits of cool air as and when needed.

Ground Source Heat Pump

This clever type of heat pump takes energy stored in the ground and turns it into heat for your home. Certain factors, such as your home itself (old or new build), its energy efficiency, your heating requirements, the surface the building stands on and the current method of heating will all affect the type of ground source heat pump that is available to you.  Our experienced Fixx engineers will be able to assess this and suggest the best option available to you.  

So, how do these underground heat pumps work?

Underground temperatures remain at a fairly consistent temperature and this heat can be accessed and turned into heat for your property.  A ground source heat pump distributes a solution of water and environmentally friendly antifreeze around a coiled pipe system, called a ground loop. This ground loop is placed underground near your property to allow heat from the ground to be absorbed into the fluid and then passes through a heat exchanger into the heat pump.

With financial government incentives available, there’s never been a better time to make a heat pump your family’s choice of heating. Call the Fixx team today to arrange your appointment with one of our friendly and experienced engineers.