Top 5 Building Maintenance tips

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If you own or manage a residential block property or portfolio, then one of your priorities should be to carry out proper building maintenance on the property in order to preserve the value of the property. In this article, we explain our top 5 building maintenance tips.

5 Building Maintenance Tips

The purpose of building maintenance is to enhance a business’ workplace by completing work that will keep, restore and improve a building. Maintaining your building premises is important in order to protect the building and the individuals inside.

Why is building maintenance important? Building maintenance is importance to ensure a building is a comfortable, cleaning and safe place to work. Maintaining your building’s premises is important in order to protect the building and the individuals inside. A building is a financial investment which can potentially serve you comfort and safety for many years if it is well maintained. Buildings that aren’t looked after and are poorly maintained can lead to big problems and negatively impact the business.

General wear and tear on your property is natural, but in order to prevent serious decay to your property there are a several maintenance steps which should be carried out each year. Carrying out building maintenance will help you to avoid costly renovations.

Here are some of the top 5 commercial building maintenance steps you need to take in order to keep your property in tip-top condition.

Top 5 Building Maintenance Tips

Here are some of our top 5 building maintenance tips to help keep your commercial property in good condition:

  1. Secure your fixtures – Leaving fixtures damaged for long periods of time can lead to further damage to your building or cause accidents. Damaged fixtures such as broken lights, door handles, or windows can leave your property looking running down. Making sure you replace all damaged fixtures when they occur will avoid a backlog of maintenance work and keep the building well-kept.
  1. Carry out planned preventative maintenance – Carrying out planned preventive maintenance on any of your equipment or building fabric will enable your business to stay in full control. Instead of waiting for something to break before fixing the problem, planned preventative maintenance will allow you to discover smaller issues before they escalate into larger problems and potential breakdowns. Fixx deliver planned and preventative maintenance services to SFG20 standards to properties throughout the North of the United Kingdom. Call us today to enquire about our PPM maintenance services.
  1. Don’t let pests take over – As the seasons change your property may become infested with pests. Don’t let pests become an issue to your daily business, we offer planned and reactive pest control services. From wasps and hornets to rats and rabbits we have the experience to deal swiftly with specialist situations. No matter what your pest control issue is, we can offer a rapid and effective solution to assist your business needs. Call us today to enquire about our pest control services for commercial properties.
  1. Check your HVAC systems – During winter and summer your Air-Conditioning and Heating systems are vital to keep your employees comfortable in the workplace. As a result, the HVAC systems could be working overtime and close to breaking down. Having an inspection of your HVAC system is important to ensure it is working safely and effectively.
  1. Electrical and mechanical maintenance and inspections – Having your electrical and mechanical equipment tested and inspected regularly will ensure it is operating safely. Fixx deliver across the North of the UK electrical and mechanical maintenance for our clients. Whether they require full on-site support or periodic inspections and maintenance, our team of mechanical and electrical maintenance engineers are able to deliver a service to suit your needs.

By following our top 5 building maintenance tips, you can ensure your property remain in a good condition.

Building Maintenance Services from Fixx

Here at fixx we offer reliable building maintenance services across the North of the UK and beyond. We are able to maintain your building and organise regular inspections. Our team of engineering professionals are responsible for taking effective measures to properly maintain your building. Outsourcing building maintenance requirements to fixx will save you time as we are always on call to respond to any repairs or issues you may have.

With our dedicated team of professionals you can have confidence we will effectively maintain, protect and take care of your building. Our team supply each and every one of our clients with essential and cost-effective building maintenance services ensuring their domestic property portfolios are managed and maintained to reduce expenses on the maintenance of their estate. We work with client portfolios on a long-term basis so, we will become aware of any weak points of your building to focus on and keep up-to-date with regular maintained. To enquire about our building maintenance services please contact us