Why is my Boiler Making Loud Noises?

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Why is my boiler making loud noises? There are several potential reasons why your boiler is making loud noises. The noise can indicate a serious problem with your boiler, although your boiler may be working properly now, but it can suggest your boiler is likely to breakdown quickly in the future. Therefore, it’s best to identify the main cause of the problem as soon as possible. In this article, we explain why your boiler is making loud noises.

Why is your Boiler Making Loud Noises?

Most of us take our boiler for granted especially during the colder months when we become more reliant on our boiler to provide us with a constant supply of heating and hot water.

Providing a boiler is operating as correctly with no issues there is very little maintenance required besides an annual boiler service. However, occasionally things can and do go wrong with your boiler and usually an unexpected noise is often the first sign of a problem with your boiler.

If your boiler starts making loud noises, it is important you do not ignore them because they can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems. Below we explain the common reasons why your boiler is making loud noises and what you can do to resolve the problem.

Common Causes of a Boiler Making Loud Noises

Here’s the common causes of why your boiler is making loud noises:

Gurgling Noises – It is common that your boiler makes a small amount of gurgling sounds whilst it is operational. However, if the gurgling noises become louder or more consistent, this suggests that something may need adjusting. There are three common causes of why your boiler is making gurgling sounds these include trapped air in the system, low water pressure or an issue with the circulation pump.

In many cases, the gurgling noise coming from your boiler may be caused by trapped air in the system. This is very common and can quickly be resolved by bleeding your radiators. There is no need for a Gas Engineer to bleed your radiators, you can easily do this yourself by following our guide on how to bleed a radiator. If you are unsure about bleeding a radiator, please contact one of our friendly helpdesk advisers who will guide you through this.

The gurgling noises your boiler is making could be caused by low water pressure. Locate the pressure gauge on your boiler to check the water pressure. Most modern boilers will have the correct pressure level marked on the pressure gauge, although you may need to look at the manual. If the water pressure is too low, then you need to increase the pressure until it is at the correct level. This will require you to re-pressurise the boiler for more information find out what to do if your boiler loses pressure.

If the gurgling noises continue after checking the water pressure and bleeding the radiators, then the noise may be caused by the circulation pump. It is possible that the circulation pump is working at an excessive speed. To resolve this, you may need to have a trained gas engineer fix the problem if there isn’t any option to slow the pump down.

Vibrating/Whooshing Noises – The vibrating/whooshing noises that come from your boiler may be relatively easy to diagnose and resolve. Although the noises cause no immediate danger, if they are left then it can cause further damage therefore, immediate action should be taken. The causes of the vibrating/whooshing noise may be because of a blockage in the air intake/flue or the air filter.

In most situations, the vibrating/whooshing noises are caused by a blockage to the air intake/flue. The air intake/flue is located externally so, check the external pipe on your property to make sure nothing is blocking it and if necessary, remove any obstructions such as objects or fluff. By placing your hand over the vent, you be able to feel air movement.

Banging and Clunking Noises – A boiler which is making loud banging and clunking noises also known as ‘kettling’ sounds are usually caused by limescale or sludge accumulating on the heat exchanger. A build-up of limescale or sludge on the heat exchanger will block the flow of water causing some water to boil, steam and expand which is why the sound is referred to as ‘kettling’. These issues can cause a significant amount of damage and can severely impact the lifespan and efficiency of the central heating system. The build-up of limescale and sludge can be treated by a chemical descaler.

Buzzing or Whining Noises – The buzzing and whining noises that are coming from inside your boiler are something you should be concerned about. The root cause of these noises is usually by vibrating fans, worn pump bearings or a defective burner. All these issues should only be diagnosed and rectified by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Please note, it is important you get these noises look at sooner rather than later to prevent further damage.

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Gas Safe Engineers from Fixx

If you’re still having issues with your boiler making loud noises, then call Fixx on 0330 3530 365. We will arrange for one of our Gas Engineers to visit your property to resolve the issue with your boiler. All our Gas Engineers are on the Gas Safe Register with years of experience within the industry so, you can have peace of mind all repairs and services carried out on your boiler will be completed safely and efficiently to the highest standard.

It is extremely important any work carried out on your boiler must be completed by a gas engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register. For more information on the importance of using a Gas Safe Registered Engineer read our article.